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We Teach Organisations how to use Office 365  

At Inspired we believe in education. Office 365 can deliver a fantastic world of productivity if used correctly. Let us walk you through each element of the suite so you can truly understand how it all works

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Access to your Own Office 365 Training Site

Our comprehensive training site gives you access to a host of Office 365 video tutorials. With hundreds of videos and pdf guides to choose from, you can master a new technique or learn how to do a task more efficiently.





Main Benefits of Office 365 Training

Aside from the obvious productivity benefits, delivering an Office 365 training program can have many other benefits to your company

Increase User

Get access to our interactive training portal so users can return time and time again to learn about Office 365.

Reduce Training Overheads

Our productivity service will train admins and users on maximising the tools in Office 365. Users will also get access to our Office 365 training site

Keep up to

Our training site has all the latest news, tutorials and videos from Microsoft, encouraging users to explore more of the potential of Office 365

Our Office 365 Productivity Expert

Paul Gilbride is Inspired’s Cloud fanatic. Paul has qualifications in SQL, FORTINET, ITIL, CTP and an MCSA in Office 365

Paul is a qualified software engineer with years of on-premises infrastructure experience. Couple this with working from the start on Microsoft’s Cloud journey and you have an engineer who understands the transition better than anyone. Paul blogs regularly on all things Cloud and tech and is a keen advocate of using the Cloud to organise your work-life balance.


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