Agile Development

Our Customers are Always at the Core of our Development Process

Project Delivery through Agile Development

The agile software development methodology Inspired uses overcomes the challenges structured methodologies face. Bespoke client driven solutions are best delivered out of repeated two-way interactions over the course of the project delivery.

Inspired have adopted a blended approach of scoping and costing our projects using detailed requirement gathering workshops but delivering the project using an interactive agile approach. Our approach ensures client visibility & feedback during the development life cycle allowing us to minimise risk while increasing the business value to the client.

Agile development accelerates the delivery of initial business value, and through a process of continuous planning and feedback, is able to ensure that value is continuing to be maximized throughout the project delivery

Agile Development Value Proposition


Our Agile Development Process

  • Discovery

    Our Business Analyst and Project Manager will facilitate detailed requirement workshops engaging the client. These workshops involve stakeholders and business users coming together discuss their current business processes, issues and solution requirements. The workshops will drive the delivery of detailed requirement documents covering the business needs and required feature sets, prioritised according to client requirements.

    Our design team creates application designs during the requirements gathering process to engage stakeholders and help them visualise the solution from the outset. User interface design and usability is key to the success of any solution and Inspired work closely with client cooperate branding guidelines when producing our designs.

  • Delivery

    Our project manager together with our development team break the project down into small increments of functionality called user stories. These increments are then prioritised and are continuously delivered in two week cycles called sprints.

    The features delivered in each sprint are demonstrated to the client and ongoing feedback ensures the solution is being developed in line with client expectations. This approach ensures clients get an early understanding of the application look and feel and are well positioned for the acceptance testing phase of the delivery.

  • Testing

    Once project delivery begins our test team begin creating test plans based on the solution requirements. Ongoing system testing is done in parallel with developers unit testing to ensure the test code coverage is maximised as the solution is developed.

    Issues identified during testing are recorded and tracked using our in-house suite of tools. Any issues that do may arise go back to the development team and is targeted for resolution in a subsequent iteration. This ongoing identification and resolution of issues ensures the code is at a high standard entering the user acceptance testing phase of delivery.

    The user acceptance phase ensures that clients have time to test the solution end to end before go live.

  • Success

    Success is measured by client satisfaction and stability of the solution delivered. By involving our clients from the discovery period, through delivery into user acceptance testing the resulting solution fits precisely with the client requirements.

    Product quality is also key to successful rollout. Our ongoing testing practices ensure the solution not only meets feature requirements but also performance and stability requirements.

Successful Projects Delivered with
Agile Development

Our expertise and project implementation proficiency ensure successful project deliveries.

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